The R&D Cupersafety department has a solid establishment in the field of planning, manufacturing and calibration of customized and flexible home automation system. This department is involved in the definition of proprietary products, and also in the shared projects with our international and national partners.



Methodology and Instruments of Building Automation and Information Technology for pervasive models of treatment and Aids for domestic Healthcare.

Housing Safety

The aim of the project is to create an innovative housing safety system in order to avoid burglary episodes. The project is granted by Regione Puglia and it is realized in partnership with Matrix s.p.a. and Politecnico di Bari.

Wide Energy

The aim of the project is to develope a domotic system able to guarantee low energy waste thanks to smart electrical load management.


The aim of the project is to realize an Ambient Assisted Living platform able to render assistence and services to not-self sufficent persons.


The company has developed different kind of AAL products that meet the special needs of not indipendent persons.


Innovative solutions for the localization of mobile elements (people, animals, and objects) inside limited areas (eg. entertainment parks, schools, hotels, homes, offices...).


Distributed and scalable system that implements innovative programmable monitoring and control logic for optimized management of localized consumption, production and storage systems