Cupersafety srl

was founded in 2007 as a technology startup in the ICT field, thanks to the regional co-financing for SMEs to support investment in technological innovation.

Specialists of wireless home automation

The company is now a landmark in the electronics industry understood as an assembly of components on circuit boards. In addition to the work for third parties, Cupersafety has specialized in the production of its own products in the field of "Safety at Home" and "Home Automation" (sound/video surveillance systems and home automation systems.

Particular importance has the research department, design and development of hardware/firmware/software of innovative wireless home automation systems. The ability to design has shown how some hostile points, for the mass distribution of home automation, can be easily overridden, using wireless communication protocols and wireless components at low cost.

Our Offer:

  • planning and manufacturing of wireless home automation systems

Wireless Home Automation

Home automation system to increase the comfort of small and large housing.

Ambient Assisted Living

Home automation system made to improve the quality of people's life with particular problems.


System capable of monitoring the movements of people, things and animals in confined areas.

Our Resources:

  • high grade planning experience for customized home solutions;
  • solid relationships with leading companies in the electronics sector;
  • specialized know-how about wireless communication protocols;
  • a modern headquarters in expansion.

Our Keywords:

  • flexible
  • modulate
  • scalable
  • adaptable
  • minimally invasive
  • low-cost

Our Partners: