The real innovation in the realization of smart homes.

The wireless technology on which it relies eliminates cost, time and inconvenience of installing a traditional cable network and can be implemented on any kind of new and old housing.

Our system consists of a central (beating heart and autonomous system) connected to function-nodes (small devices placed in correspondence of the switches that we intend to automate), whose functions can be integrated to set the scenario.

Everything is easily managed by using a PC, a tablet or a smartphone at home and remotely.

Through integration with sensors and IP cameras our system is the smartest and safest way to protect your home.



  • Lights: switching the lights on/off and the light intensity setting.
  • Motorized devices: opening and closing of windows, door, gate, roller shutters, etc.
  • Solenoid valves: opening and closing of solenoid valves for eater pipes, irrigation systems, heating systems, etc.
  • Clima: thermostat activation and deactivation.
  • Sensors: interfacing with sensors (motion, flood, gas, etc.) with digital output.
  • CCTV: integration with compatible IP cameras.
  • Scenario: multiple actions in simultaneous implementation with a single input.
  • Automatisms: association of individual actions to create a pre-programmed scenario to occur a timed event or detected by sensors, according to the “if then” logic input.


A Scenario is a combined set of actions according to user needs. A particular action is associated to a group of nodes.

One input for multiple actions.

Automatisms could be related to sensor detections and timeline settings.


System integration

  • Associations with sensors: The central can receive inputs from interface nodes associated to digital sensors (motion, temperature, flood, gas, etc.).
  • CCTV: It is possible integrate IP cameras to exploit at the maximum level all the applications which need a visual feedback.