The location system is another innovative push towards the safety understood as protecting people.

This system is designed to integrate seamlessly with our home automation and in compliance with the concept of modularity.

It consists of a network of wireless transceivers (anchors), wearables transmitters (pendants or watches) and from a gateway that acts as a coordinator.

Attraverso una tecnica di triangolazione bidimensionale è possibile ottenere la stima della posizione in tempo reale del trasmettitore in ambienti chiusi e/o in spazi aperti.


It is a mobile battery powered transmitter.

Every 30 seconds sends to anchors a message to signal its presence.

The presence of the pendant is notified to the Gateway using the anchors.


Anchors are wireless nodes of which are known in advance positions within the environment in which to make the detection.

These devices are able to estimate the distance of the pendant.


The Gateway collects and manages the information received by the anchors.

Connected through a router to a PC, on which you installed a dedicated software, which estimates the position of the pendant in the environment displaying it on a pre-loaded map.